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Kentucky Career Center
Job Description

Child Care Worker
Paducah, McCracken, KY (42001)
Number of openings: 1
Application closing date: 6/6/2018

Working days vary

* Care for children while their guardians are elsewhere
* Provide a safe, healthy environment for a child's development
* Provide affection and attention to charges
* Care for children by playing, talking, and interacting with them
* Target activities to the appropriate ages
* Play indoors, outdoors.
* Read to children, with children.
* Promote language development.
* Serve children healthy meals and snacks
* Observed children's daily needs, including nap time, bath time, meal times, bed times.
* Provide a role model for discipline and good behavior
* Keep a clean and tidy environment
* Keep calm and alert during stressful situations
* Develop positive relationships with guardians and friends
* Observe children's general well-being

Applicants must have at least a High school diploma/GED or equivalent
Applicants must be at least 18

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